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Healthwatch Sandwell are your local voice for the public in the delivery of health and social care services. As part of our role we carry out evaluations of services to understand the experiences of people who are using them. We use the feedback that we collect to share with the service providers and commissioners and work with them to look for ways that services can be improved.

On this occasion we are carrying out a project to find out about the needs and experiences of adult carers in Sandwell. The intention of the project is to help to influence the commissioning of support services for adult carers residing in Sandwell Metropolitan Borough. This part of the project uses a survey to ask questions of carers about their experiences and needs. We are also using focus groups and interviews to collect feedback from carers.

Under the General Data Protection Regulations it is important for us to tell you what will happen to the information that you share with us.

Healthwatch Sandwell are part of Engaging Communities Staffordshire and they are both the data controller and data processor. The Data Protection Officer is Simon Fogell.

As part of the survey we ask for some information about you, but you do not have to giveus this information to take part in the survey. The information just helps us to understand who we have spoken to and enables us to ensure that we are engaging with all parts of our community. The information that we ask for is about your age, gender, marital status, ethnicity and whether you have a disability.

Your individual information will be kept confidential and any feedback that you give us will be kept anonymous. We will not share your individual details with anyone else. The information that you give us will be collated with information from other people. All the collated feedback will be used to develop a report that will be shared with Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council and will also be published on the Healthwatch Sandwell website.

Any information that we hold about you will be destroyed three months after we publish our report on the Healthwatch Sandwell website.

You can withdraw from the survey at any point prior to us publishing our report on the Heathwatch Sandwell website. You do not have to give a reason for withdrawing. When you have completed the survey online please make a note of the date and time that you completed it. If you have completed the survey on paper or with a member of Healthwatch Sandwell staff you will be given a reference number. In order to withdraw from the survey, you should contact Alexia Farmer on 0121 569 7210 or

If you need any further information about this survey, please contact Alexia Farmer on the contact details above.

Q1Please tick below to indicate whether you have understood the way that we will use your information and that you consent to take part in this survey.
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